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SGOT海上潜式旋流收油系统/SGOT maritime submersible cyclone o
双旋流除油器/Double-cyclone Oil Separator
动力速沉器/High-speed Sedimentation Machine
全自动精细过滤器/Precision Filter
污泥处理设备/Sludge treatment equipment
联合加药装置/Combined Agent-adding Device
自动化与监控/Automation and monitoring
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SGOT maritime submersible cyclone oil collecting system
SGOT maritime submersible cyclone oil collecting system is mainly composed of SGOT seaborne submerged swirling oil collector, hydraulic power station and automatic control system. According to requirements of different operation conditions, SGOT binocular spiral plate of oil-water separators, adjustable conch-type drainage channel, adjustable submerged buoyancy system and so on can be configured.
Working principle of SGOT maritime submersible cyclone oil collecting technology:
Based on the cyclone centrifugal separation gathering principle, two superimposed centrifugal vortex fields are formed via the propeller on the bottom of the unit under the sea and the screw stabilizing oil marking rod on the top of the unit above the sea. In combination of axial suction of the oil suction pump at the center of the vortex field, a huge centripetal oil collecting surface is formed on the sea surface due to the collaborative operation such four flow fields as bowl-shape gravity field, double centrifugal vortex field, great far field backflow and axial suction, which can quickly suck the oil spill on the sea surface into the oil suction, then deliver it to the ship or to the shore via an umbilical for oily water separation.
Different from a traditional contact type or adhesion type oil collection, the SGOT sinking type swirling flow oil collecting technology instead of dredging oil up awkwardly, indirectly and cleverly diverts oil with water and sweep the oil into the oil suction via the drag force of a butterfly flow field and adhesion force of oil spill. It can suck oil and quickly collect oil from an oil sheet or an oil layer of the glacial period, high-viscosity crude oil as well as some wastes on the sea surface.
Double Cylinder Screw Plate Oily water Separator
The double cylinder screw plate oily water separator can form a spiral channel based on the two cylinders and the screw plate. By utilizing the difference in oil-water density and viscosity, water can be drained downward and exhaust along the spiral channel between the inside and outside cylinders. Oil can be drained upward and exhaust along the spiral channel between the inside and outside cylinders, coupled with the revolvingly-lifting assisted power of the center screw.
1) 采用双涡旋蝶形流场聚集收油原理,可以不需要围油栏协助,在开阔或狭窄海域单独收油作业;也可以配合工作船在行使中收油作业;并且在快速收集溢油的同时可以有效控制溢油的扩散。
2) 适用各种海况作业温度(-20-50℃),适用回收溢油粘度不限。由水下和水上两个容积泵串联使用,泵送能力大、稳定;收油口轴心有螺旋输送机构,对高粘度溢油、超高粘度溢油(凝点状态)或海面漂浮垃圾都可以一并吸入;垃圾被水下泵前的破碎装置打碎,被船上泵前的垃圾清理器清理,可以不停机连续作业。
3) 适用于各种厚度溢油油层回收。双涡旋蝶形流场以收油口为中心沿海面扫吸溢油,对难以回收的薄油层、彩虹膜油层都能有效回收。
4) 配备油水分离装置,在收油的同时油水分离,使回收液体含油>90%。
5) 收油作业时收油头的绝大部分潜没在水下,避开了波浪的影响,具有一定的抗风浪能力;如果溢油层着火,收油机可以自航到燃烧油层下回收作业,吸入收油口的溢油由于缺氧以及海水的降温,在管道内熄灭;可用于海面以下0.5m内的半潜油的收集,特别定制设计可以做到2m。
6) SGOT潜式旋流收油机全部自动化控制,并配备手持遥控,有效遥控作业半径100m,正常收油作业仅需一人远距离操作。提高了作业能力,避免了溢油区域有毒气体及爆炸对人身的伤害危险。
7) 所有接头均采用国际通用快速接头,方便操作使用。
8) 整体撬装集成,方便快速装配作业。标准化模块设计,维护使用方便、成本低。配备叉车孔、吊装索具及绳缆,方便集装运输和存放。
Technical advantages:
1) The principle of oil collecting in butterfly-shaped flow field of double swirls is adopted so that oil booms are not necessary and the oil collecting operation can be carried out separately in open or narrow sea areas. The oil collecting operation can also be carried out in coordination with work-boats in navigation. Besides, the oil spill can be collected in a fast speed and the proliferation of oil spill can be effectively controlled.
2) It is suitable for all kinds of operating temperatures at seas (-20-50℃) and the applicable viscosity of recovered oil spill is unlimited. Since the positive displacement pumps below and above water are in series connection, the pumping capacity is strong and stable. The axis of the oil collecting mouth is equipped with a spiral delivering mechanism, so that high-viscosity oil spill and super high-viscosity oil spill (freezing state) or floating garbage at seas can be inhaled; garbage can be broken by the breaking plant before the submersible pump, and cleaned by the garbage cleaner before the pump on the ship, so that continuous operation without closing down can be carried out.
3) It is suitable for recovery of oil spill layer with all kinds of thickness degrees. The butterfly-shaped flow field of double swirls sweeps the oil spill along the water surface with oil collecting mouth as the center, so that the thin oil layer and the rainbow membrane oil layer can be effectively recovered.
4) The oil-water separation device is equipped so that oil and water can be separated in oil collection and the oil content in liquid collected will be more than 90%.
5) Most of the oil collection head in oil collection operation is submerged in the water, which avoids the effect of waves and has certain capacity of wave resistance; if the oil spill layer is on fire, the oil collector can be self-propelled into recovery operation under the flaming oil layer. Then the oil spill inhaled in the oil collecting mouth will be extinguished inside the pipelines. It can be used in the collection of semi-submerged oil in 0.5 meters below the water surface and the specially customized design can reach 2 meters.
6) SGOT submerged swirling oil collector is automatically controlled and equipped with hand-held remote control. The radius of effective remote control operation is 100 meters and normal oil collecting operation only needs a person for distance operation. In this way, the operation capacity is improved and the danger of toxic gases and explosion in oil spill areas can be avoided.
7) All fittings adopt the internationally quick fittings for general use which are convenient for operation.
8) The whole system is skid-mounted in integration which is convenient for quick assembly operation. The system adopts standardized module design with convenient maintenance and utilization and low cost. Forklift holes, hoisting gears and ropes are equipped for convenience of transportation and storage.
Development history
2010年5月,公司向负责处理墨西哥湾漏油的 “The Alternative Response Technology Team”提供的漏斗形控油罩技术成功应用于墨西哥湾漏油事故处理。
In May, 2010 the Funnel-Shaped Containment Cap provided by SGOT was employed effectively by “The Alternative Response Technology Team”, which was responsible for dealing with the BP oil spill crisis in Gulf of Mexico.
In July 2010, the first SGOT submersible cyclone oil collecting has been successfully tested in Dalian Jinzhou accident scene.
2011年11月,中国海上搜救中心组织交通部科技司、海事局、救捞局、水运局、环保中心和中石油安全环保及海上应急指挥中心、中石化安全环保局、中海油质量和健康安全环保部九家单位的代表专家参加了“SGOT海上应急收油系统现场作业演示暨座谈会”。现场观摩取得圆满成功,与会专家一致认为:此项 “中国创造”的技术采用物理法回收海上溢油,具有节能环保和显著的环境公益性,为解决海上石油储运、近海石油开采的环境安全隐患开辟了一条新路,对未来海上溢油应急抢险有推广价值;
2011, representatives and experts from Science and Technology Apartment of Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Safety Administration, Salvage Bureau, China Shipping Agency, Center of Environmental Protection, Center Of Environmental Protection, Sinopec Safety and Environment Protection Ministry , Quality and Health, Safety, Environment Protection Department of CNOOC, participated in the forum for demonstrating SGOT Offshore Oil Spill Emergency Response System, which gained wide praises. The experts present at the conference agreed that this “Innovate-by-China” technology which collects oil spilt in marine in a physical way is energy-saving as well as environmentally-friendly and it paves a new way to deal with the potential dangers in marine oil transportation and offshore oil rigs so it is well worth promoting in responding to emergent offshore oil spill in the future.
On June 30th, 2012 China Institute of Navigation conducted an evaluation meeting for the SGOT Sinking Swirling Flow Field Marine Oil Spill Collecting Device. All the experts at the meeting reached the consensus that the technology had had met the advanced international standards and the technology application of “Sinking and Swirling Flow” had reached international leading levels. Those experts included Duan Xue, the member of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hu Wenrui the member of The Chinese Academy Engineering, Zhai Jiugang the senior engineer of the Center of China Maritime Search and Rescue Administration, and Wang Ruihe the president of China Petroleum University, etc.
In 2012, the “SGOT Off-shore Oil Spill Emergency Response System” was awarded as “New National Key Product”
2014年12月,“SGOT海上应急收油装置” 进入科技部、工信部、环保部三部委联合颁发的《国家鼓励发展的重大环保技术装备目录》,公司成为推广类环境污染应急处理重大环保技术装备依托单位;
In March of 2014, Zhang Ling, the GM and patent inventor gave a speed at the ARF Seminar regarding Regional Cooperation on Offshore Oil Spill Regional Cooperation Conference as the only representative for environmental protection enterprises in Southeast Asia. The SGOT sinking type swirling flow field recovery technology has been highly regarded and concerned by government representatives from all the participating countries.
2014年3月和2015年12月,公司作为东南亚环保企业代表两次参加东盟会议“AFR Seminar on the Regional Cooperation on Offshore Oil Spill”,介绍SGOT潜式旋流收油机,向世界展示了中国创造的新收油技术。
In March 2014 and December 2015, as a representative of environmental protection enterprises in Southeast Asia took part in the ASEAN meeting “AFR Seminar on the Regional Cooperation on Offshore Oil Spill”, introduced the SGOT submersible cyclone oil collecting machine and showed the world about the new oil collecting technology created by China.
In November, 2015, the SGOT sinking type swirling flow field skimmer won the second prize of the 2015 Beijing Science and Technology Award.
In July 14, 2016, SGOT- II type maritime oil collecting system participated in the Northwest Pacific Four Countries oil spill drill in Shandong Weihai.
SGOT-I cantilever crane cyclone oil Collector
SGOT-I cantilever crane cycloe oil Collector consists of one main module
Including: SGOT submersible cyclone oil collector, Hydraulic pump station, Oily water separator, Oil collecting pump, Telescoping boom, Skid
It is suitable for oil spill treatment in the near shore including shore, platform, wharf ,etc.
User: PetroChina Marine Emergency Rescue Response Center
SGOT-II Suspending Vortex Oil Collector with Telescoping Jib
SGOT-II Suspending Vortex Oil Collector with Telescoping Jib consists of two main modules and other supporting facilities:
Specially designed for Chinese maritime patrol boats (800-ton), it can be conveniently placed on decks of patrol boats and is suitable for emergency treatment of oil spill accidents in open waters, harbors and docks, and narrow shore waters.
User Unit: China Offshore Environmental Service Ltd.

SGOT-III Suspending Vortex Oil Collector with Frame Telescoping Jib


SGOT-III Suspending Vortex Oil Collector with Frame Telescoping Jib consists of two main modules and other supporting facilities

Specially designed for Chinese maritime patrol boats (800-ton), it can be conveniently placed on decks of patrol boats and is suitable for emergency processing of oil spill accidents in open waters, harbors and docks, and narrow shore waters.
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